rintaun's thoughts not cool enough for a tagline


rintaun is a web developer. rintaun is also a linguist and language researcher. rintaun is fluent in japanese. no, rintaun will not say something in japanese just to please you. you don’t speak japanese anyway, so rintaun saying something to you means nothing. or maybe you do speak japanese. rintaun is many things, but all-knowing is not one of them.

maybe that is why rintaun thinks about many things… although he doesn’t usually share those thoughts. or, if he does share them, it is in a private message to a friend, all of whom are usually busy with actually important things and, you know, their own lives. because that’s a thing, apparently. but that doesn’t deter rintaun.

on a surprising note, rintaun doesn’t normally talk in the third person.

rintaun hopes that this page has been helpful. it hasn’t, but what is life without hope?

existence is meaningless but that’s okay,